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Please see below for a list of printable worksheets listed by grade for all of your teaching or practicing needs.
Grade 1
 Graphic Organization
    5 Ws Circles (Who, What, where,when,why)
2 Reasons, 2 Facts (2 methods of persuasion with 2 facts for each)
    1 Cause and 3 effects (Displays how events affect a process)
    2 Chain Link  (Relate 2 topics or subjects)
    3 Part Story Clock (Simple beginning, middle, ending story map)

 Single Digit Addition (Single digit vertical addition. 10 problems)
    Single Digit Subtraction (Single digit vertical Subtraction. 10 problems)
       Printable Addition Flashcards (Printable flash cards for the addition  for   numbers 0 to 19.Just follow the directions)
Printable Subtraction Flashcards (Printable flash cards for the Subtraction of 0 for numbers 0 to 19 just follow the instructions.)
Tell Time - 1 Hour Intervals (Tell the time. 1 hour intervals)
    Black History Word Search (Find the words hidden in the puzzle)
President's Day Maze (Help young Washington find the cherry tree forest)
Earth Day Maze (Help Earth get back to the proper orbit)
Ireland Acrostic Poem (Students examine the significance of Ireland)
Mother's Day Word Scramble (Unscramble the words)

Fun Stuff
    Playing in the Rain (Color the picture of kids playing and write the activity they enjoy)
    Butterfly (39 dots in this connect the dots)
Color Memory Matching Game (Match the colors using this classic game)
Match the Animal (Match the animal on the left with its correct name on the right)
Language Arts
    Capital Letters (The use of capital letters in sentences)
    Possessive Nouns (Correct use of possessive nouns
 Grade 2

Valentine’s Day Maze (Help the boy find his next Valentine’s Day card )
    Spring Acrostic Poem (Students examine the wonders of the Spring season.)
Reading Worksheets    

Sight Words - Matching (4 worksheets that require students to draw a line from the sight word to a picture.)
    Phonics - Beginning Consonant Sounds (Visual beginning consonant sounds sheet)
    Consonant Blends - b (Consonant blends bl and br)
    Upper and Lower Case- Matching (Matching upper and lower case letters)

Fun Worksheets
    Bunny Rabbit (Color the bunny write the word Rabbit)
    Ice Cream (Tasty treats we all can't wait to munch on.)
    Favorite Toy (What was your favorite toy? Our favorite was Speak and Spell)
      Bat Writing Paper

 Dimes and Quarters (Complete each problem by filling in the missing value)
    Quarters and Dimes 2  (Circle the coins that match the price at the bottom of each box)
    Make Change 
(Pay the bill using the fewest possible bills/coins)
    Complete Numbers line (-5 to 5) 
(Number lines ranging from -5 to 5)
    Amusement Park Basic Word Problems (Basic addition and subtraction word problems based on observations)
    Make the Numbers 1 to 50 (Make the number in the circle by using 3 forms of Multiplication and 3 forms of Division)

    Air, Land, Sea Transportation (Match the methods of transportation)
    Where Did the Bunny Leave the Eggs? (An Easter egg visual graphing activity)

Grade 3

Chart Graphic Organizer 
    Four By Two Chart (General use data chart)
    Addition Chart (Helps organize the addition of two numbers)
    3 Plusses, Minuses, and Interesting (Great for evaluating pros versus cons.)
    2 Option Decision Chart  (Includes pros and cons of each option)
    Fact, Opinion 2 Rows (Compare commentary on a topic)

Language Arts
    Identifying Nouns in Sentences (5 worksheets with practice in identifying nouns in sentences)
    Sight Word Vocabulary (Upper, Spelling Set )
    Fill-in-Blank Sentences (1 fill-in-the-blank in the sentence with sight word worksheets)
    Rhyming Words - Picture Matching (Match rhyming words. A cut and paste activity)
    Letter Recognition (Matching letters or words to pictures)
    Ending of Story ( worksheets with practice in identifying the ending of a story.)

 Single & Double Digit Multiplication (Single digit multiplied by a double digit) 
 Fraction Shapes
(Write the fraction that tells how much each figure is colored)
 Times Table - 10 x 10 (10 x 10 times table including blank table)
 Sleepy Riddle (Convert numbers to letters using a key)

Grade 4
English Worksheets
Scream to Scrubber (dictionary skills, guide words)
Haymow to Headrest (dictionary skills, guide words)
   Thesaurus 1 (Practice using a thesaurus)
   Word Wizard
(making new words)
  The Newspaper (Making new words)

Science Worksheets
Collared Peccary (information and coloring page)
Creatures of the Grand Canyon (word search and animal classification)
   Space Shuttle Fact Sheet
   Hidden Animals 2 
Rain Forest Word Search puzzle 
Space Age Word Search Puzzle 

Presidents Word Search (four puzzles and trivia)

    What State Am I? (series of state worksheets)
    What State Am I 2 ?

Math Worksheets
    Fourth Grade Fractions (adding fractions with a common denominator)
    Who Am I? 
Ordering the Parts 
Word Problems (division word problems with multiplication check)
    Addition Worksheet (addition drill sheet)
   Reptile Mystery Math (division and secret code)
    Monster Math (multiplication with secret code)

Grade 5
Thinking Skills 
The Choices You Make

American Symbols
     U.S. Rivers 
Map Skills 
Map Skills 2 
48 Contiguous States worksheet

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